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Distrito 88 Stay Safe Protocol

We want our guests to know how we are preparing to welcome them back. To tell them that theirs, our staff and our community´s health is the most important thing for us.

At Distrito 88 we search for WHO recommendations, CDC news, best International Hotels Chains procedures and Federal, Nayarit and Jalisco Health authorities guides. We brought this information together and developed a protocol as complete and effective as possible; that adapts the best to the needs and opportunities of our beloved hotel. To be sure that what we implement is the best that can be offered, we seek advice from the AHLA American Hotel and Lodging Association and become an active member of its Safe Stay Program.


Our protocol works on 3 fronts:

  1. By taking our already rigorous cleaning and disinfecting standards to a new level. To achieve this, we constantly train our staff on the necessary measures to protect themselves against Covid-19, and to help to protect others: Temperature check before entering the hotel, correct and frequent hand washing, correct use of disinfectants approved by WHO and AHLA, antiviral gel stations, correct use of protection tools (plastic masks, gloves, masks ...), techniques to properly disinfect different types of surfaces and textiles, etc.

  2. By raising awareness among our staff about the importance of practicing social distancing. By training them about the new procedures implemented at the hotel about this matter.

  3. By showing our guests the importance of practicing social distancing. Guest shall be advised to stand at least six feet away from other groups of people not travelling with them. And by inform our guest about the measures we are taking about this matter: Automatic check in, self-parking, the use of technology to reduce direct contact with guests, etc.. By reconfiguring furniture and seating areas to promote social distancing; taking advantage of our huge fully open common areas, with no hallways or elevators.

  4. By the correct implementation of disinfection technology (ozone and ultraviolet light).


But most of all, we want to thank our guests for thinking of us, for choosing us to start the joy of visiting beautiful places again. Thanks to so many guests who changed their dates instead of canceling their reservations, thanks to our regular guests for their words of encouragement and to so many people who showed their love and support during these difficult months.

We are ready to start again, our entire team, as a family, with our love and work on our beloved District 88. Ánimo Sayulita! We can do it together.  THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

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